Office Policies Manual and Procedures Manual

According to OSHA, employers are required to have written policies for employees in dental offices pertaining to infectious diseases, the handling of hazardous chemicals and protection against and handling of sharp related items. These policies assist employees to adhere to and maintain a safe and healthy work environment. Employers that have written policies serve to establish consistency and set the tone among employees to work as a team. This easy-to-use manual provides a variety of written policies that are required for dental offices. All sections can be edited according to your office needs and style. Included:
  • Exposure Control Plan (required by OSHA)
  • OSHA Compliance Check List
  • CDC guidelines on bloodborne pathogens and aerosol transmission and protection (required by CDC, ADA and OSHA)
  • CDC Infection Control Check List for dental offices
  • New Employee training manual – this section serves to inform new employees on guidelines and can be used as a reference tool for all employees.
  • HIPAA This section contains the most current regulation and HITECH rules for dental offices.
  • Anti Bulling and Sexual Harassment Policies – (required by State)
  • Included in the Live in-office training sessions.
  • Offices that sign up of live webinars – $90.00/Manual
  • Sold separately $100.00 includes (S&H)
Delivery: A Representative will call you within 2 business days of purchase to confirm customization needs and Shipping information.
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