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Team Training Package: 4 Key Courses

Cathie Collier

RDH, B. Ed, MS
Last Update: May 15, 2024
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Instructor: Cathie Collier RDH, B.Ed , MS, Bloodborne Pathogens Instructor AHA

Duration: This office session is booked at your convenience to accommodate your mandated training requirements.

Course Description:

Part A: OSHA and Infection Control + HIPAA Review and Update

During this presentation employees were provided with most current guidelines, policies, and procedures from CDC, ADA, OSPA, and OSHA on how to establish and maintain and safe and healthy work environment for both employees and patients. This presentation focused on recognition, transmission, and protection from aerosols and bloodborne pathogens and the latest information regarding COVID-19. This presentation also provides information on HIPAA and the HI TECH rules and regulations. Discussion includes HIPAA Privacy and Security Rules and raises awareness on the latest cyberattacks occurring in dental office settings.

PART B: CPR for adults, children, and Infants + Medical Emergencies

This course prepares participants to recognize and respond to the signs and symptoms of heart attack, stroke and obstructed airway. The use and application of bag masks and the specific use for various AED’s. Discussion includes bloodborne pathogens and the use of barriers devices. This course also provides recognition and response to treat syncope, shock, allergic reaction, seizures, and respiratory depression related to drug overdose. Included are the indications and administration of EpiPen and Narcan.

A Healthy Education is a ADA CCRP recognized provider

Fees and Services:

Onsite Training Details and Fees:

  • $550.00 for up to 5 participants
  • Additional $100.00/each additional participant 
  • This session requires a minimum of 3.5 hours.
  • 4 CE Credits provided

Consider These A La Carte Training Addons during your checkout process:

Addon: Sexual Harassment in the Workplace (1 Hour): $25.00/each additional participant when added to onsite training package.

Employees received the mandated training for Cultural Competencies and Health Care Disparities and were provided current information on Governor Lamont’s “Times Up “, Mandate on Sexual Harassment Policies and Laws required for employees and employers in the State of Connecticut.

Addon: Cultural Competencies and Healthcare Disparities (1 Hour): $25.00/each additional participant when added to onsite training package.

The Dental healthcare worker has an obligation to understand and identify circumstances and conditions that can create barriers among peers and coworkers and limit patient is from seeking proper treatment and commitment to care.

This presentation provided insight on diversity and disparities and identifies ways in which we can create an inclusive work environment, address patients’ concerns, and encourage the need for effective treatment. This course serves to promote team cohesiveness regarding self-awareness, attitudes, beliefs, biases, and behaviors. 

Addon: Restoring Work-Life Balance (1 Hour): $25.00/each additional participant when added to onsite training package.

This presentation will discuss a variety of coping skills and strategies which can greatly contribute to a more productive and satisfying workday both personally and professionally.

About Your Instructor:

Cathie Collier, RDH, MS, received her bachelor’s degree in dental Hygiene Education from the Fones School at the University of Bridgeport, where she later served as DH Clinical Coordinator. Her recent accomplishment earned her a master’s degree in health and Healing.  Cathie is a national lecturer and frequently lectures on topics such as OSHA, HIPAA, Medical Emergencies and CPR.

Refund and Cancellation Policy:

Payment is due in advance or on day of course for on-site training. Offices must provide 24-hour notice if cancellation is necessary. If rescheduling is not an option or can’t be arranged within a reasonable time agreed upon by the office and A Healthy Education, a refund will be provided for offices that have paid in advance.

CERP Standard V1.8.e

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