Certified Training

for Dental Healthcare Providers and Their Teams

Certified Training with Preferred Professionals



Healthy Education provides mandated courses and training for dentists, dental hygienists, and dental assistance. Included are OSHA. Infection Control. HIPAA, CPR, Cultural Competency, and Sexual Harassment in the Workplace.  Our courses provide current and relevant content from the American Heart Association, Center for Disease Control, OSHA, and ADA required for dental healthcare providers. Our knowledgeable instructors and presentation style create an enjoyable learning environment for all to achieve a successful completion.

Our easy to enroll courses are tailored to your needs and schedule.  You can select a onsite presentation and training, Live webinars, or on-demand videos.  Our on-site presentations and live webinars are scheduled directly with our Healthy Education consultant. On-demand can be purchased on the website at your convenience. We can schedule on a date and time that are most convenient for your practice.

We strongly recommend that all employees attend annual OSHA, Infection Control and HIPAA training regardless of their job status. Training serves to educate and inform employees on how to maintain a safe and healthy work environment and to prevent unnecessary situations from occurring.  Training provides insight on how to recognize and report hazardous work conditions.

Dentists, dental hygienists, and dental assistance are mandates to receive annual training to stay current with guidelines set forth by OSHA, CDC, and the ADA. Annual review of this information is critical as guidelines are subject to change.

New employees entering the dental field need to be acquainted with guidelines related to the profession.  

All employees will benefit from our educational services. Team training is a great way to get on board with current information that serves to establish and maintain a safe and healthy work environment. Training prepares all employees on what to expect and how to handle an inspection of the practice. Training opens the door to communication and establishes team cohesiveness.

It is recommended that dental offices have the following written policies established: Exposure Control Plan, Hazards Communication Plan, Post Exposure Plan, Sexual Harassment and Anti- Bullying Policies. All policies are required by OSHA. A Healthy Education can guide and provide your practice with policies and procedures that can be tailored to your office style and needs.  

How often should our practice have CPR training? Certification through the AHA and ARC is valid for 2 years. A Healthy Education can provide annual updates as needed. Our medical emergencies course serves as an annual update. It can be conducted on-site, live webinar or on demand and will serve to keep employees current for how to prevent, recognize and handle medical concerns and event that can lead to life threatening situations.

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